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Welcome to WTI AG Informatikdienstleistungen. Founded back in 1986 WTI AG was laying its primary focus on evolving relational database management systems. Reliable and performant data storage was a main asset of every successful company then - and still is now. Our vast experience with implementations of all major global players in this area is your benefit.

Once data is stored and maintained in a safe way next step leads to generating value from it. Initially known as reporting the requirements to this topic are increasing rapidly. Methods and tools are needed to quickly analyse and interpret huge amount of data. With over 20 years of experience in building data warehouses, marts, cubes and other online analytical processing tools we're familiar with our customers needs. Power BI, Tableau and Pyramid are some of the tools helping our customers transforming data to value.

Our 3rd field of expertise is creating and maintaining web sites with Joomla open software. This fancy looking and easily adaptable content management systems brings your company to the world.